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Work Conditioning

Work conditioning is an individualized, work-oriented program designed to restore a client's strength, endurance, movement and flexibility. The objective of the work-conditioning program is to restore the client's function to enable a safe return to work. Work conditioning provides a transition between acute care and return to work while addressing motivation, safety and physical tolerances as well as worker behaviors. Conditioning tasks are graded to advance the biomechanical, neuromuscular, cardiovascular/metabolic and psychosocial functions of the client in conjunction with participating in structured and graded job simulation or actual work tasks.

This all-inclusive program is designed to increase physical ability and productivity in order to improve employability. Our Industrial Division occupational therapists are uniquely qualified and serve as coordinators of a variety of work and industrial rehabilitation programs. Job requirements are collected and analyzed by our therapists. Occupational therapists have an extensive background in the structure and function of the human body and how an illness or injury effects one's physical abilities as well as mental status. Through task analysis, the client is provided with an individualized program designed to maximize the client's capacity to return to work.

Reasons For A Work Conditioning Referral

  • Client has "maxed out" in traditional therapy services, but is not ready to return to work.
  • To determine a client's readiness to return to work.
  • Is cost effective for appropriate referrals.
  • Client takes an active role in his worker rehab process.
  • Assists the client in making a cognitive shift in their thinking and behavior so they can make the transition from "patient" to "worker".
  • To ensure a safe return to work.

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